Alex Cabrera

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After 24 sleepless hours and the incessant strain to resist caffeine and free junk food, my first hackathon, HackTJ, has officially concluded. I have always been curious about how binge coding for a large period of time, surrounded by some similarly-driven students, would result. After a brief recovery from my sleep-deprivation, I believe that it was a worthwhile yet odd experience.

We arrived at Thomas Jefferson High School at 2 p.m. Saturday afternoon and were greeted by hundreds of students piling their sleeping bags and pillows into the auditorium while greeters registered students and handed out t-shirts. After a brief introduction with little to no guidance, we were let loose to code, create, or play video games (what many of the attempted ‘projects’ degraded into). Two hours into attempting to learn Android, we jumped ship and retreated back to our comfort zone, web apps. Once...

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From Interpreted to Compiled Languages with Go

When I first decided to learn how to program, my endeavor began with an Internet scavenger hunt to find out which language would be the best for a beginner to start with. C! Lisp! Java! Ruby! Every single article or post I read promoted a different language, but in the end the most popular option was Python. A programming language easy to understand and use, Python has become the essential entry-level language to learn to program in, and is even used in MIT’s introduction to Computer Science course. Python is very advantageous for beginner programmers, as it allows learners to easily explore data structures, loops, conditionals, algorithms, and more through a simple, out of the way syntax. Many applications have been and are being built in Python, as it is still a powerhouse in the programming world, but when beginners want to move on to a different language, there is a very high...

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